All our models can be implemented to your wishes

Device Recognition
Biometrish uniquely identifies all devices with which your users connect. Our model can verify at any point whether the user is connecting from a known device.
Whenever a user connects with an unknown device, Biometrish will let you know immediately.
100% Frictionless.
Biometric Model
Biometrish continuously monitors a user’s cursor behaviour on both web and mobile devices.
Using this information we are able to distinguish with the highest certainty real sessions with account takeover cases.
100% Frictionless.
Bot Detection
Our unique AI analyzes the cursor patterns on both mobile and desktop devices.
As such it is able to detect bots with the highest accuracy.
Facial Recognition
Biometrish allows for a secure onboarding where users faces are compared with their identification documents to eliminate identity fraud.
Furthermore, the facial comparison can be applied as payment verification to prevent ATO fraud.

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